Monday, 29 September 2014

Toutes ces images (Arachnoïd, 1979)

One of the most original French prog bands ever, Arachnoïd just released one self titled album in 1979, where a prog fan can find so many different and good music. This "Toutes ces images" ("All Those Images") is a good specimen of the flushing musical world of Arachnoïd: soft, acoustic passages and dark, electric ones follow one another. Childish melodies and psychedelia, folk rythms and free drumming... in short, the entire prog universe of the '70s is there.

One of the weirdest releases from the French '70s prog scene.
There are so many different sources and such an original way to merge them in an unique sound that you barely recognize - here and there - King Crimson and Le Orme, Ange and Magma. All is like melting lava, a fluid sort of rock that flows Majestic from the band to the listener's ears. Great, pure adventure. In a word: progressive rock.

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