Monday, 22 September 2014

Nonchalant (Druckfarben, 2011)

Oh, how graceful this song is! Canadian Druckfarben surely listened carefully to all Yes albums, but they translated Chris Squire's band world in their own musical language, adding some folk elements and some other influences to create a diversified, colourful prog rock. In this case, they probably were reminiscent of Genesis and Kansas too, and the resulting sound is sweet - never sweetish - and highly evocative.

This self named album was Druckfarben's debut CD in 2011.

Many acoustic instruments contribute to the dreaming atmosphere of "Nonchalant", and so the vocals do, with their vintage arrangements. Be as it may, I love this song and I appreciate the delicate and keenly studied embroideries that grace it. Am I too soft-hearted? Probably I am, but please, listen to this song before my final conviction into the mellowest circle of Hell!

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