Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Last Sunrise (Xanadu, 2011)

These Polish musicians produce an effective prog rock, melting both heavy and melodic elements in a thick, enthralling way. I like their good taste for a not so common guitar driven progressive rock: just think that keyboards in this song are played by a guest musician, while two guitarists are members of the band. "The Last Sunrise" is the title song of their debut album and it is full of a powerful nostalgy that's very modern and still reminiscent of great bands (well, the goup's name reminds me someone from the other side of the Ocean...).

"The Last Sunrise" is a diversified, interesting debut album.

And of course the middle section of the track isn't so far from post-rock sounds. But this isn't ambient music, as Xanadu love full bodied themes and double guitar solos... and I like them too. Another peculiar way to Polish prog, another musical facet of a Country that never seems to run out of interesting bands.

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