Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Quest for The Last Virtue (Unifaun, 2008)

Among the huge number of Genesis influenced albums, Unifaun's self named CD still is one of my favourite ones. And in particular, this epic, the longest track in the collection, gathers in its 15 minutes or so of duration many features I love: acoustic and electric instruments merged in a liquid sound, beautiful melodies, instrumental bridges and effective, sensitive vocals.

The Swedish duo Unifaun. I wonder who their tailor is...

These are provided by Nad Sylvan, the singer that Steve Hackett hired for his long series of Genesis revival shows. But the man behind this project actually is Don Bonamici, the composer and keyboard player whose keen love for Genesis shines in this track in all its glory. His "Entangled-like" solo sounds like a clone and still is beautiful, while the subsequent "Earl of Mar-like" chords are another kick inside my stomach. OK, that isn't new, but these musicians really enjoy what they're playing. And so do I.

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