Tuesday 9 September 2014

Retorno (Equilibrio Vital, 2010)

Prog from Venezuela and a good prog too. Equilibrio Vital is a triple life band, with two good albums during the '80s, then a reunion in 2003, and another one in 2010, the year of this track, the title song of their fourth studio album. There's a deep melodic soul in "Retorno" ("Coming back", in English, a title that perfectly matches with the band's history), but the main feature seems to be the atmospheric and surprising changes between acoustic and electric moments, framed in a clever musical pattern.

This cover art was even more intricated than the music inside.

I really like the alternate 12 string guitars and keyboards, but when they also add a flute somewhere in the song, well, I definitely give up and love this track. In that very moment I thank the guys from Muséa label that gave new life to Equilibrio Vital, so that they could go on along their colourful and pleasant path. Try their music, my friends, they're actually worth your attention.

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