Thursday, 18 September 2014

Beautiful Seven (Osibisa, 1971)

Osibisa is probably the only worldwide famous prog band from Central Africa. Their clever fusion of jazz, african rythm, psychedelia and art rock is brilliant and in this song, taken from their second album "Woyaya", you'll also appreciate their choral arrangements. It's a twisted kind of ethnic rock, with so many influuences and still perfectly African in its moods.

...And with a logo and a cover art by Roger Dean, too!
Sure, the flute sections and the rythmic changes are linked to the European '70s era, and the wonderful piano touches are pure fusion to me, but there are so many special features coming from the band's culture and their Country that you are magically transported over the green rain forests and the yellow savannahs. This is particularly true when Osibisa's unpredictable drumming comes in, with all the fantasy and the bright colours you can imagine. A splendid trip... so sad there aren't many bands like this one out there!

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