Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mocking Bird (Barclay James Harvest, 1971)

A mellow song, if ever there was one. And one of the most beautiful pastoral tracks I've listened to. Due to its huge popularity I don't need to describe "Mocking Bird" in details (and I couldn't as I'm not into musical composition), but I have to say how much this song affects my inner feelings. It seems to me that BJH found a perfect balance between intimate and majestic sounds and perfectly mastered the choral arrangements, creating a half-light atmosphere, full of connections to the natural world and to the emotional side.

This song comes from BJH's second album "Once Again".

The orchestral addictions aren't too invasive and the band's instruments stay in the foreground, except for the final instrumental section. Of course, this song is pure melody and if you're looking for art rock or avant-garde music, this isn't your cup of tea. Let the tender hearts come in and sip this nectar directly from its flower. After all, BJH's symbol is a butterfly, if I remember well...

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