Monday, 1 September 2014

Las Moiras (Láquesis, 2013)

If you feel like going back to symphonic rock roots, back to the good old prog days, this Argentinian band fits you very well. They play the way we used to like with a more eclectic approach and create both bombastic walls of sound and gentle acoustic interludes. More than this: they dare to put down in music the Ancient Greek myth of "Las Moiras" (yes, the Fates) in a beautiful, unpredictable, progressive suite. This is divided into four movements: "Láquesis", "Cloto", "Átropos" and "Requiem", retracing the Fates' job and their fatal output.

Hope to listen more by this Argentinian fivesome... 

They were brave, those guys from Rosario, as the theme isn't new in the progressive world, but they face challenging comparisons with all the fire of their enthusiasm and with their excellent skills both in writing and playing. I like all the sections of this epic, especially the energetic intro and the atmospheric passages. I'm happy to know there are still musicians into symphonic rock out there and I'm glad to see how original they can be, despite all the music that's flown along the river Prog.

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