Saturday 6 September 2014

Pantanal (Sagrado Coraçao da Terra, 1991)

Many Brazilian prog bands love to mix as many different musical approaches as they know about in their style. And this is particularly true for Sagrado Coraçao da Terra, also called Sagrado, set up by ex Saecula Saeculorum member Marcus Viana. Take this "Pantanal", taken from the "Farol da liberdade" album.

This was the third studio album by Sagrado.

This song was very popular in Brazil as it was part of the soundtrack of the soap opera called "Kananga do Japão" and includes folk roots, romantic melodies, sweet instrumental and rather symphonic interludes, a rock passage and then, of course, very Brazilian lyrics describing the Pantanal region with loving accents. A mostly slow, liquid, never boring track featuring a warm atmosphere and all the deep feelings of its author.

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