Sunday, 7 September 2014

Le Quatrième (Shylock, 1977)

Taken from the album "Gialorgues", this "Le Quatrième" ("The Fourth", in English), as its title doesn't suggest, is the first track from this French band's debut LP. As the rest of Shylock's production, this is an instrumental track trying to draw inner, visionary and rarefied landscapes. And it surely succeed in such a goal, via a majestic and somewhat disturbing slow tempo, swinging from pastoral prog to psychedelia.

Shylock only released two albums (in 1977 and 1978).

Despite its mostly regular rythm, "Le Quatrième" isn't boring at all, as all the instruments provide an ever changing point of view over the musical trip the band is setting up. Some accelerations and some abrupt stops contribute to this, and so the guitar / keyboard arpeggios and the creative drumming do. This is a great opening for a beautiful album and some of the ideas of this track will undergo under further developments during the following songs. Highly recommended to all my prog friends.

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