Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Le porte del silenzio (Malibran, 1993)

When it comes to Italian progressive rock, we usually go back to the '70s, a Golden Era for the Worldwide musical movement and probably a Platinum Era for Italian prog. But I can remember many great albums during the following dacades. This "Le porte del silenzio" ("The Gates of Silence" in English) is a good specimen of what I'm saying. Malibran began their discography in 1990 and always tried to merge the Italian prog features and the neo-prog experience.

This was the second album by Malibran, released in 1993.

This long suite (some 27 minutes, in fact) includes some very good moments, especially when Jerry Litrico's guitar or Benny Torrisi's piano (and assorted keys) are involved. The main theme is very good and I also like the flute sections, provided by Giancarlo Cutulli. Sure, there are some naive passages, but then, this is one of the most known features of the Italian way to prog. The rythm changes are welcome and some of them are pleasant and unexpected. In short, this is a beautiful way to spend your next half hour spare time!

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