Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mindstreet (Motherjane, 2008)

The first time I listened to this song I was fascinated by the mix of Western and Eastern sounds in it: rock riffs, and atmospheric, vaguely ethnic passages. Also the sung theme reminded me of ancient gods and Asian markets in a prog rock sauce. Then I learned that these musicians were from India and all was clear to me. Actually there are many different worlds in this song and many different influences, as different as Marillion and Ravi Shankar can be.

"Maktub" was the second Motherjane's studio album.

It's an interesting neo-prog style seen through Indian lenses, kind of a familiar music includic some alien, intriguing elements. The electric guitar solos are very good and the rythm accelerations are also well played. There's a genuine creative mood in this song, a regenerating energy and a variated palette of musical solutions. In short, it's worth a keen listening. More than one, IMHO.

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