Tuesday 2 September 2014

Escalator Shrine (Riverside, 2013)

Riverside are more than a promising band: they're one of the most innovative and mature acts among the 21st Century prog acts. This "Escalator Shrine", a 12 minutes song from the album "Shrine of New Generation Slaves" is a perfect example of their modern and evocative music. A deep sung theme, a series of instrumental embroideries, a slightly acid atmosphere are but three of the main features of the track. I'll also remember here a Gilmour-like electric guitar, a pulsing instrumental section mixing "The Wall" and ELP, a variated and rich drumming and - last but not least - plenty of keyboard progressions and thick guitar riffs.

This is Riverside's fifth studio album, one of their best ones, IMHO.

The distorted guitars are also there, but they're employed with measure and even discretion. And how wonderful is the second instrumental section with its piercing guitar and the Hammond effect introducing the second sung theme, even better than the opening one. A real shrine of musical ideas, all perfectly in tune with the cold and almost psychedelic mood of the song. Congratulation, my Polish friends!

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