Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rain on The Moon (Dawn, 2007)

This is a fascinating, classically progressive song by Dawn, a very interesting Swiss band. These musicians like vintage sounds, but they also know how to update them and seldom try some new paths. René Degoumois has a beautiful, pure voice, and also plays wery well his electric guitar. In this "Rain on The Moon", the second track from the debut album "Loneliness", for example, his dreaming solo is reminiscent of past masters, but has its own distinctive sound.

Dawn come from Montreux, on the Lake Geneva.

Another strong point is the free and clever architecture of the band's longest tracks - this one is more than 7 minutes long - where the different themes fluidly follow one another, with some pleasant surprises and well placed reprises. So, Dawn are both traditional and innovative, the way a prog band should be, IMHO. A good mix of familiar solutions and challenging breaks, that's exactly what I'm usually looking for...

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