Wednesday 3 September 2014

Red (King Crimson, 1974)

When it comes to a guitar driven progressive track, "Red" is my first choice. Not only this song is a thick, coherent, enthralling piece of music, but it also surprises me every time I listen to it. The abrupt change of time after the harsh intro, for instance, is simply stunning to me, as it is the bass guitar line supporting Robert Fripp's excellent riffs. This is the way a "hard prog" should be: intense and inticated, black and red.

For their seventh studio work, KC were a wonderful trio.

It never occured to me, in so many years and listenings, to stop this instrumental pearl before its natural end. I don't think it never will, as I enjoy each moment of "Red", from its guitar effects to its higly creative drumming (a certain Bill Bruford is responsible for that), from the sudden intro to the hidden bass cello droning around. In short, I adore "Red". And maybe I'm not the only one.

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