Friday, 1 August 2014

Frank (Trion, 2007)

This Dutch progressive trio was founded in 2003 by keyboard player Edo Spanninga of Flamborough Head fame. This track is in fact a bonus suite included in the band's second album "Pilgrim", but IMHO is the best reason to buy the whole record. Not only the different movements include several good melodies, but the atmospheric and evocative mood of the track really moves me. The Mellotron and the piano are no doubt the leading instruments here, but I also like the way Eddie Mulder (another Flamborough Head member) enrich the sound with his guitars, especially the 12 strings one, but also the heartbreaking electric solo towards the end of the song.

Trion seem to like Yes-inspired arts for their album covers.

The third member of the band, Memno Boomsma, comes from another Dutch neo-prog act, Odyssice, and his percussions are sensitive and coherent with the big picture. This suite was produced as a tester some months before the album and the version included in the CD is a re-recorded and improved one. Just some words about the title, as the track is purely instrumental: the song was inspired by a character (played by Henry Fonda) of the well known Spaghetti-western film "Once Upon A Time in The West", directed by Sergio Leone. Didn't you like it? Well, it doesn't matter: try the song all the same!

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