Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Moonshine (Collage, 1994)

"Moonshine" is the title track of Collage's work released in 1994 and it's also a very good way to discover why this Polish band is so higly rated by many prog fans. This track is extremely dynamic, driven by aerial keyboard effects and a crystal wall of sound. But you'll also find some quiet and atmospheric passages, announcing the subsequent rushes and rythmic progressions. The main melodies are well found, catchy but never trivial, and the instrumental passages aren't mere bridges between two verses, as they disassemble and reassemble each theme, magnifying the symphonic pattern of the song.

Collage played a lead role in the '90s Polish prog renaissance.

That's why I like each second of these 12:30 minutes of progressive rock, and I often come back to this song. The fact is that such a magniloquent clockwork never sounds artificial or redondant and the music flows naturally from the band to the very heart of the listener. Probably it's only me, but I see bright stars in the sky at midday when "Moonshine" is there.

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