Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Breaking The Spell (Pendragon, 1993)

If you ask Pendragon fans to choose the most representative Pendragon's song, many of them will likely say "Breaking The Spell", from 1993 "Windows of Life" album. In fact, this song has in it all the main musical features of Nick Barrett's band: a beautiful melody, before all the rest, well written and well arranged.

Nick Barrett in a 2009 concert. Photo from "Background Magazine".

Then, in no particular order: airy and majestic guitar solos, philosophical lyrics about human life and its meaning, spacey keyboards provided by Mr. Clive Nolan and, last but not least, a good deal of emotions. The changes are pleasant and sweep away any boredom risks, something Barrett's last solo would have prevented in any case. Pendragon at their best, I certify that.

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