Sunday 17 August 2014

The Prism (Stratospheerius, 2012)

Stratospheerius was born by the eclectic genius of American (and Russian born) Joe Deninzon, ranging from jazz to classical music and from rock to experimental sounds. This is taken from the album "The Next World" and is an enthralling electric violin driven song (that's Deninzon's favourite instrument, of course) I could put somewhere in between Frank Zappa and Kansas, but with a pinch of Curved Air. There are a catchy riff and a good sung melody, but also cultivated and dance refererences.

This is the first album Deninzon credited to the band. Previuosly,
 he released three works as Joe Deninzon or J.D & Stratospheerius.

You're probably thinking this is a bit of a mess and you're not completely wrong... proggish music with a DJ at the turntables! Nonetheless, "The Prism" - like other good songs from the same CD - really rocks and also Deninzon's voice is warm and good, while also the band show up their talents. If you're into eclectic, litterally crossover prog, and if you also like sing-along tunes, this is definitely for you.

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