Monday 11 August 2014

Halloween part II (Pulsar, 1977)

The second part of this wonderful suite (for part 1 introduction, please search this blog) of French band Pulsar features as good and varied music as the previous installment. This B-side suite is divided into five movements: a) Lone Fantasy, b) Dawn Over Darkness, c) Misty Garden Of Passion, d) Fear Of Frost, and e) Time, for a total duration time of 18:40 minutes. This composition surely deserves an in-depth description.

The first section is mellow and mostly acoustic, full of mysterious and almost spacey sounds, while the second one is a perfect specimen of symphonic rock, also including some good vocals, and this same fully progressive mood goes on during the third section. The following passage is more varied as it includes some harsh sounds and the rythm rises at places, generating a pleasant constrast with the most peaceful moments of the track. The finale brings back an arcane and suspended atmosphere, probably the band's trademark. Once again, this is very, very good prog.

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