Thursday 14 August 2014

No Son of Mine (Genesis, 1991)

This has Always been a special song to me. Firstly because I saw it on its 12" vinyl single form in my usual record shop and it was such big a pleasure to read the name "Genesis" once again on a new record. I would have that same joy some days later with "We Can't Dance" album, of course. Then, when I immediately bought it and took it home, I was frankly surprised by the emotional strength of the song. Phil Collins sings this one with all his heart and soul and the lyrics are about an abused child (or maybe the child of an abused mother) running away, coming back home and being shut out by his father this time.

I always liked this cover art, maybe even more than the album one.

A sad story depicted in a very good video and going with a highly innovative music. The metronome intro, the harsh drumming, the famous "elephantus"sound (actually a twisted sample of Mike Ruterford's guitar) are but a taster of the song, full of good ideas, featuring a strong melodic base and a very original arrangement. Prog or not, songs like this one always catch up my attention and my feelings.

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