Friday, 8 August 2014

Jeanne d'Arc (Eloy, 1992)

I can remember several songs inspired by Jeanne d'Arc, but this one, taken from Eloy's album "Destination" is probably the one I listen to with the greatest pleasure. Not only the track is pleasant and features a good melody, but the sounds - with their vague medieval reference - perfectly depict the contents of the lyrics. "Jeanne d'Arc" is the closing and best composition of an album I don't especially like, but it's so well arranged and so beautifully sung that it was to me a good enough reason to purchase the CD.

Well, I don't think this lady on "Destination" cover is Jeanne...

The epic and historical subject surely gives to the track a dignified aura, but the band keeps the song well planted on the ground and no bombastic effects, nor instrumental excesses are to be found here. "Jeanne d'Arc" is just a progressive ballad, infused of real emotions and featuring some very good keyboards and choral arrangements. Is it enough for you, my prog friends out there?

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