Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In Haze of Time (Trespass, 2002)

When I first read this band's name I imagined a Genesis inspired act, surely not the first one. But when I listened to their debut album and to the title track I'm introducing here, I changed my mind. There's a vintage prog mood, sure, but as varied and eclectic as possible, with many changes, inspirations and good surprises. Old good '70s keyboards, yes, but also jazzy moments, choral arrangements, folk passages and proto-prog scents.

Trespass is a powerful trio... you'd say they're more than three!
A funny, rich, pleasant mix from one of the best Israeli prog bands I know of. In addiction to this, a catchy but not trivial sung theme... something I never dislike when it comes with such a colourful instrumental abundance. So, if you want to tumble back the years and also you like to discover something new, this is your cup of tea.

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