Saturday, 16 August 2014

Find The Mistake (Machiavel, 2011)

Machiavel are one of those bands that constantly surprise their fans. Each of their albums, maybe each of their songs has something new and unexpected in it. This is certainly the case with "Find The Mistake", taken from the album "Eleven". It's so modern and musically up to date that you could figure out this comes from one of the XXIth Century post prog bands.

This 2011 album is the 11th Machiavel's studio work and it also
features 11 tracks. Its title is a matter of coherence, isn't it?

Not at all: it's just another face of the unpredictable Machiavel's sound. And there's more than a gloomy melody: just listen to the arcane intro or to the long and beautiful electric guitar solo towards the end of the song, spectacular and original, I daresay. That's how an experienced and creative band can merge the old and the new to make a good and emotional song. Well done, my old Belgian friends!

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