Saturday 2 August 2014

Prima (Aviva, 2007)

Aviva is the name of pianist Dimitri Loukianenko's prog project. As you will immediatly understand, this Russian man is a fan of ELP and he plays keys and piano very, very well (could it be otherwise?). This "Prima", sub-titled "Blessed Paul's Phantoms", is just like musical lava. Like his beloved model, Loukianenko puts a virtuoso fury in his instrumental track and quotes a deal of classical genres. The Whole "Rokus Tonalis" album is based on Paul Hindemith's polyphonic piano cycle "Ludus Tonalis" and it isn't easy to catch when you first listen to it. 

He even looks like Emerson, I think...

But this musician also likes to add some modern touches in his work and to mess up his models, so electronic devices back the piano, while unpredictable soud effects come in at nearly every corner. It's a lively and challenging kind of prog and I'm sure many of you will like to go on discovering Loukianenko's work... in this case, don't worry: you'll find "Secunda", "Tertia" and many other pearls on this album, let alone in the rest of his production. Enjoy.

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