Wednesday 6 August 2014

Lamplight Symphony (Kansas, 1975)

What a beautiful prog track this is, my dear friends! Full of epic, sung by one of the best male voices ever, based on a delicate and airy symphony and, of course, arranged with fantasy and good taste. I think it's like an emotional Arrow and it always reaches my heart. All the instruments do their best to enrich the song: full-bodied keys, rocky guitars, assorted drums... what could a poor prog fan ask for more?

An old promo image of the band.

Just one thing:  a sad violin-driven instrumental bridge. Well, you'll also find this festure... and some piano tasty touches too, as an extra treat. The lyrics are about a widower praying on his wife's grave and being reached and spoken to by her ghost. A sad story, one of the best from "Song for America" album. But let me spend some final words for Steve Walsh: not only his vocals are heartbreaking, but he's also responsibe for the piano work here. Chapeau.

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