Monday, 18 August 2014

In The Wake of The Moon (Galleon, 2010)

Galleon like to change and even if their music always keeps its more or less traditional neo-prog path, they know how to diversify the moods, the tempos and the sounds too. Here, in this 2010 album title track, they choose a melodic, slow, rather melancholy way, making the most of a beautiful theme and following a lunar inspiration both in music and lyrics.

This is the ninth studio album by Galleon.
Nostalgy and sweet sadness rule the song and I rarely listened to a more beutiful track into such a dark mood. A million light years from the bombastic prog rock of Galleon's first CDs and even so a fully Galleon song, with all the intense and keen keyboards / guitars interplays they are famous for. Please listen to this at night, in a cosy room, looking out from the window at a starry sky. If you don't have the cosy room nor the starry sky, well, close your eyes...

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