Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mad Man Moon (Genesis, 1976)

The quintessential Tony Bank's song, I daresay. And a beautiful, deep meditation on human condition, too. Taken from "A Trick of The Tail" album, this piano driven song features a series of winning sung themes and instrumental variations (oh... that wonderful middle section!) and also some surprising tempo changes, something I'll be forever fond of. The lunar, nocturnal mood of the down tempo sections perfectly matches with the quick gusts ponctuating the song and pointing up its emotional peaks. Classical, yes, but also innovative and sometimes disquieting, "Mad Man Moon" always leaves a bittersweet trace in my soul.

 "I would welcome a horse's kick to send me back
If I could find a horse not made of sand."

The lyrics add something weird to the big picture, including some very well found images representing the relativity of human desire. Do you remember these lines, for example?

Within the valley of shadowless death
They pray for thunderclouds and rain,
But to the multitude who stand in the rain
Heaven is where the sun shines.

Defintely a song I love. And I suppose I'm not the only one.

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