Tuesday 20 May 2014

Fading Senses (IQ, 1993)

I can't hide my immoderate fondness for IQ's album "Ever", and "Fading Senses" is one of the major reasons of my weakness. I really like the way this track starts, gentle and introspective, with Peter Nicholls' very peculiar voice drawing inner spirals deep in his soul. He knows how to translate in vocal inflections the melancholy contents of the lyrics. The guitar adds some more nostalgy and transparence.

"Ever" was IQ's sixth studio album.

The sadness rules the song, but "Fading Sanses", despite its moderate duration time (some 6 minutes), is divided into two sections (i After All and ii Fading Senses) and the second one brings in an important change both in mood and tempo, so that it gets heavier and faster. The Whole song is full of deep reflections and strong feelings and the sound is neat and even sharp, like flashes of light in the darkness. Definitely a fascinating track. IMHO, of course.

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