Sunday, 11 May 2014

Polluted Pool 污水塘 (Wang Wen 惘闻, 2008)

I sometimes add to my blog songs pertaining to the so called post rock scene, especially when I smell some prog scent in it. With this song, taken from their fourth studio album, Wang Wen - a yourng chinese fivesome - surely pay a tribute to such bands as Sigur Rós, but also to prog masters, especially to King Crimson. The track is set up very well, with a slow double guitar intro by Xie Yugang and Geng Xin, soon joined by the rithm section and the keyboards.

Wang Wen released six studio albums up to 2012.

Slow as it is, this 6:27 minutes instrumental piece is never boring, because the musicians know how to change the tempos and the moods. So, the slowest section (from minute 2:18 to 4:22), cleverly prepare the listener to the rock pre-finale, including an original chinese-sounding electric guitar and fading into a dreaming closing section. Very well done, my Eastern friends. 

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