Friday 23 May 2014

Decision (The New Grove Project, 1997)

"Decision" comes from New Grove Project's first official release "Fool's Journey", a sci-fi concept album  featuring its leader Ingemar Hjertqvist and Swedesh prog stars as Roine Stolt of Flower Kings and Pär Lindh, the founder of Pär Lindh Project. Sort of a supergoup, The NGP come out from time to timre with a new, interesting album and this track proves how well they create traditional symphomnic rock and how much they enjoy playing it. There's a bit of everything here: pastoral moods, keyboard progressions, dreaming guitars, syncopated and creative rythms, intricate interplays, melodic sung sections... well, everything prog, I mean.

Before this album,The NGP released a demo album.

Despite this motley inspiration, the song has its own distinctive way to drive the listener into a colourful and beautiful musical world. More than this: the final result isn't too much "Flower Kings" or "Swedish neo-prog" influenced and I'd say there's rather a neo-prog and Italian prog vein in it. Well, listen to it and let me know what else it reminds you...

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