Monday 19 May 2014

Blame (Red Sand, 2004)

OK, OK, I know... this sounds like that famoud band, this is so easy, this isn't adventurous at all. I see your point, but I like "Blame" all the same. Let's say these notes are just to explain to myself why on Earth I like it so much. The problem is that Simon Caron really cares about his music, he loves it, feels it, refines it. Most of all, he puts all his deepest feelings inside it. "Blame", for example, isn't just a collection of moods and atmospheres (you'll find some very good ones here), it's a soul honestly, directly displaying its sorrows and delights.

This album includes three long tracks plus a "cameo" one.

You don't need any special devices to express your inner feelings and if you master your favourite genre's basic, well, that will be enough, IMHO. "Blame", taken from Red Sand's debut album is exactly like that: 12 minutes of good old neo-prog filled with genuine emotions and nursed like a baby by a loving mother (or father, if you better like). I think these are the main reasons why you'll find this song - and some more by Red Sand -  in my blog.

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