Friday 30 May 2014

Stuff And Nonsense (Split Enz, 1979)

Split Enz are one of the very few prog related bands from New Zealand. They were a very eclectic group, playing almost everything: pop, mainstream rock, new wave, art rock and, of course, an easy-going version of progressive rock. This song, taken from the album "Frenzy", is a good specimen of the latter. It sounds a little like Supertramp meet Bee Gees, but the orchestral side here is more discreet and the melody is sadder. A short instrumental bridge, anyway, gives a deeper touch to what we could call an easy song with a special feeling.

"Frenzy" was probably the last prog related album by Split Enz.

The sung theme is excellent, the piano touches are classy, the vocals are warm and neat, the way they used to be in the '70s, not too far from BJH or The Moody Blues. I really like to put in my CD reader a good, old plain song between two challenging prog tracks, and "Stuff And Nonsense" is exactly what I mean. Even the title seems to suggest a traditional, catchy tune. But if you listen to this more than one time, I bet you'll find some more stuff in it...

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