Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Butterfly Plague pt.1 (A Journey) (Wilton Said..., 2004)

Wilton and his band are from Canada and I listened to their records some years ago. He's a very eclectic guy, Wilton, as he likes to explore all the musical worlds he comes across and to mix them down in his own tracks. So the subtitle of this song says it all: it's a journey through different lands, a joyous trip featuring so many landscapes and so many changes... nonetheless, this instrumental piece has its own style and keeps on going straight ahead like a musical locomotive from station to station and from inspiration to inspiration.

This guy from Toronto actually made some good music.

Wilton keyboards are very well supported by the other members of the band (especially by Chris Reid's guitars) and some of the mood changes are simply perfect. If ever you feel like listening to something out of the schemes and built on a solid proggy ground, well, try this one, if you please, and your ears will enjoy some 7 minutes of pleasure. It isn't so easy, these days...

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