Thursday, 29 May 2014

Traum (Hoelderlin, 1972)

No doubt, Hoelderlin (also written Hölderlin in their first album) are one of the most interesting German prog bands of the Golden era. Their tasty folk inspiration and the romantic aura of their compositions are very strong points and they also had a creative and unpredictable approach to music. The instrumental "Traum" (that's "Dream" in English) comes from debut album "Hölderlins Traum" and it's a 7 minutes track featuring all sorts of magic tools and inspiring solutions.

Hoelderlin also reunited in 2007 to release the album "8".

The acoustic instruments (guitars and flute, above all) and the discreet electric ones are supported by a colourful set of percussions, while the rythms and the moods change and swing all the time. The band's name come from a German poet of the Romantic movement (as for the band Novalis) and actually the deep interest for cultural roots and free inspiration reminds me some Sturm und Drang's  experiments, but "Traum" also proves how this band liked to mix different sources and moods to create something new.

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