Saturday, 1 March 2014

El principio del fin (Atila, 1976)

This is an epic track by the Spanish prog band Atila comes from their second album "Intención", and it's actually a new and condensed version of their first work. This re-worked material has the form of a suite of more than 15 minutes, dominated by keyboards and electric guitars. There are different moods and tempos here, and the contrast between the classical organ sound and the acid, psychedelic guitar is one of the best features of the epic.

The whole "Intención" album is excellent.
The starting idea of "El principio del fin" is the reinterpretations of J.S. Bach's very famous "Toccata and Fugue in D minor", then the music goes on its own way, opening stunning, seldom disquieting atmoospheres. And if Eduardo Niebla's guitars and Benet Nogue's keyboards are  always in the foreground, we also appreciate the rythm section, punctuating and somehow warming the whole piece. So, this track is one more arcane trip into music, one of those trips we appreciate in the '70s prog rock universe.

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