Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lau Teilatu (Itoiz, 1978)

I was immediately charmed by this folk prog ballad, coming from the debut album of the Basque band Itoiz. "Lau Teilatu" (meaning "Four Roofs") is a pastoral, sweet, intense song featuring acoustic instruments and positive feelings. Even if this album features longer and more progressive songs, first I choose this one for my blog because of its sincerity and its naive, beautiful accents.

Itoiz became very popular in Spain during the early '80s.

Describing the joy of life in their Basque Region countryside, Itoiz seem to offer the key for happiness to their listeners and surely a calm, smiling, warm bridge over daily life and its troubled waters. The song has bicome since its release a hymn to the Basque country and lifestyle, but also a worldwide well known prog anthem. Definitely, you don't need too many intricate plots to write down a good song. Take this one, for example, and be happy for a little while...

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