Saturday, 22 March 2014

Incubus (Marillion, 1984)

Crushed between the overflowing energy of "Script for A Jester's Tear" and the melodic blossoming of "Misplaced Childhood", "Fugazi" album is often underrated in Marillion's discography. But it includes gems as "Incubus" that are worth the greatest attention. First of all, this song has a brilliant melody and a creative rythmic section suitable for the most demading tastes, then comes Fish in one of his best performances ever. Sweet and bitter, quiet and loud, agressive and compliant, all the possible vocal tones are there.

Poor Jester is suffering in his bed... but his music's fine !

The track is build up following the outline of "Script of A Jester's Tear" title track, as it features a succession of melodies and moods in the same harsh / mellow / harsh / mellow /rising / bombastic order. Only, this song also includes longer instrumental solo parts, with a special mention for Steve Rothery's electric guitar heartbreaking dreamy section. Yes, I like this song more and more and I do think it's one of the greatest Marillion tracks during the so called "Fish era".

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