Wednesday 12 March 2014

Ghost Town Nightmare 荒城梦魇 (Cold Fairyland 冷酷仙境, 2007)

I knew that - sooner or later - a Chinese prog rock track would surface in my blog. And still, I couldn't have imagined such a beautiful one. This "Ghost Town Nightmare" isn't a nightmare, it's a sweet and pleasant dream. Full of Eastern folk moments, it is nevertheless a perfect modern prog song, with all the changes and the delicate feelings one could desire.

In this album the band went acoustic. And they did it very well.

Taken from the third band's album, "Seeds on The Ground" (地上的种子), this downtempo track features (as the whole allbum does) an acoustic arrangement including the traditional instruments pipa and ruan, played by Lin Di, whose sweet vocals I really like. An universe of ancient legends, mysterious nature and pure skies materialize before your very eyes and a deep fascination takes you away from the material world. A new and reviving experience I highly recommend to you all. And 你好 or nǐ hǎo if you better like!

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