Monday, 3 March 2014

Man-Erg (Van Der Graaf Generator, 1971)

What can I say of this track? The first adjective it suggests me is moving. And actually moving is Peter Hammill's intro, featuring his sad voice over a heartbreaking chord progression and his suggestive lyrics. Then the band comes in and an epic riff introduces the second sung part, waving and swinging like water and including David Jackson's smooth sax. Another wall of sound, then Peter comes back with his first theme, but here you'll find rage instead of sadness and a bit of disharmony until the epic riff ends up the song.

Inside the LP's gatefold... the weird VDGG's world.

Moving, as I said and in the double meaning of this word: "Man-Erg" touches my heart and moves away all my boundaries, all the prejudices, all the labels I put on music, too. If evere there was an unpredictable song, this is the one. I still like to follow its widing path, I'm delighted to discover something new each time, I adore how this music caresses me and strikes me down. Thank you for the music, old friends of mine.

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