Monday, 10 March 2014

Hymne à la vie (Ange, 1976)

Taken from the album "Par les fils de Mandrin", this little suite (meaning in English "Hymn to Life") is one of my favourite Ange's songs ever. It's a little suite - less than 10 minutes of duration - divided in three parts. The first and longer one, "Cantique", is a sweet acoustic ballad featuring an excellent melody and an aerial arrangement midway between folk and prog.

In 1976, "Par les fils de Mandrin" was also re-recorded in English,
titled "By The Sons of Mandrin", but this version wasn't released till 2003.

The second part, "Procession", has a measured rythm and a beautiful flute-like keyboard effect. Here, the sung theme is even catchier than the previous one and Christian Decamps shows off all his well kmown theatrical skills. I also appreciate the electric guitar riffs, giving a stronger '70s mood to the section. The last part, "Hymne", features more guitars and drums, bombastic vocals and a keyboard progression of chords as a foggy finale. The pastoral side of Ange is on the foreground in this song and the band's sweeter mood strikes me.

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