Tuesday 11 March 2014

M (Frames, 2010)

There's a whole new generation of minimalist proggers (or maybe post-rockers) born in Germany making an interesting kind of music, both modern and reminiscent of the past. The foursome Frames are among them and this "M", the closing instrumental epic of their debut album "Mosaik", is an excellent specimen of their songs.

True, they could try another photographer, after all...
...but their music shouldn't change!

The sweet and moody intro becomes a biting electric guitar theme, then comes back to piano and keys and builds up another beautiful variation build on sweeter arpeggios and some electronic devices. There's a touch of Tangerine Dream here, well, more than a touch I daresay. Then the music softly stops and after 1:30 minutes of silence the rest of the song, a swinging keyboards and drums driven section, comes in just like a ghost track. This is a lively and enthralling theme, featuring an excellent cymbal work, a catchy melody and some distorted guitars as a bonus finale. Hypnotic, that's the word.

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