Friday, 7 March 2014

La poderosa muerte (Los Jaivas, 1981)

This track comes from a seminal Chilean prog folk album, titled "Alturas de Macchu Picchu", a successful blend of poetry, folk roots and prog rock. Los Jaivas are decided to put down in music Pablo Neruda's same titled poem inspired by Machu Picchu ruins, exploiting both traditional sounds (usually a sampled version of them) and prog rock musical features.

This was the eighth Los Jaiva's studio album.

This track, in particular, has e synphonic and experimental outward, driven pay piano and drums and leading to a surpisingly catchy finale. Even if this music isn't bombastic nor showy, there's a sense of wonder and grandeur in its measured pace, something about eternal human effort to leave a mark on the face of our planet. I can see the towering mountains and their perennial fog, the terraced remains and the winding paths ascending the green slopes. And also an inner reflection about our destiny and our place in the natural world. Not usual, never trivial.

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