Sunday, 16 March 2014

In The End (Rush, 1975)

Thaken from Rush's second album "Fly by Night", this song perfectly represents the music they used to do in the first part of their long career. No keyboards at all, but a special taste for tempo changes and emotional peaks. The song consists mostly in a beautiful ballad and we appreciate it in two different arrangement: the first is acoustic and peaceful, the second electric and vigorous. Geddy Lee's vocals switch from a sensitive tone to a screechy one, according to the changing strength and volume of the song.

Always liked this Eraldo Carugati's cover... you can't skip the owl's stare!

Rush have their own special waay to caapture your attention and riveting you till the very end of the track: all seems so easy and so plain the first time you listen to it, then you discover little by little how carefully the song is set up.That's exactly what occured to me with this "In The End": see how the drums come in at the right point, see how the guitar solo acts as a bridge and lights up the song, see how the acoustic guitar closes up the song and Lee's voice fades away. A what about the closing cymbals? Great.

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