Friday 14 March 2014

The City And The Crystal (Tempus Fugit, 1997)

The word crystal in the title says it all about this 7 minutes song taken from the Brazilian band Tempus Fugit (what does this name remind me of ?) debut album, "Tales from A Forgotten World" (no, not "from Topographic Oceans"...). This is a transparent, classic, melodic prog track, mostly instrumental, including a great work on keyboard background effects and a fluid, even moving melody neatly played on electric guitar by Henrique Simoes.

Tempus Fugit released three studio albums to date.
The piano adds its own soul to the track and André Mello shows up his classical touch. The tempo changes are very interesting, as the sound sweetly switches up and down, exploring a pleasant, lush and colourful universe. The short sung section (with English lyrics), almost hidden towards the end of the track, perfectly closes up the song, confirming the clear and full blended taste of this musical cup of tea. Drink it, my friends, drink it and enjoy it!

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