Wednesday 1 January 2014

When It's The Season (Taï Phong, 1976)

Jean-Jacques Goldman is one of the most popular French singers and songwriters and his long and successful career in pop music somewhat wiped out its early years in the progressive band Taï Phong, along with the Vietnamese brothers Kahn and Taï Ho Tong and a bunch of other good musicians. It's a shame: they released two good albums at least and their second one, "Windows", is the best IMHO. Here, Goldman wrote the opening track, the excellent "When It's The Season".

After "Windows" Taï Phong came back in 1979 and in 2000,
but they couldn't cope with this album (at least, IMHO).

The first part of the song is an instrumental, changing section of more than 5 minutes, starting with an effective electric guitar riff and a heavy rock-like vocal performance. Then, a beautiful and unusual electric / acoustic guitars interplay supported by pastoral keyboards followed by a dreaming, slightly acid guitar solo and a final keyboards progression fading away. The second part is completely different: a slow, nostalgic, acoustic ballad in the style of Barcay James Harvest. The melody is excellent and so is the accompanying piano. A relaxing and pensive finale for a gorgeous track. If you don't know Taï Phong this is the perfect starter for you, if you do, that's a good chance to run through their music once again.

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