Saturday 25 January 2014

Miragem (Bacamarte, 1983)

This beautiful instrumental track belongs to “Depois do fim”, the only album of the Brazilian band Bacamarte, and a higly rated record by the International progfans core. This “Miragem” features virtually all the main points  of traditional symphonic rock: blazing keyboards, dreaming guitars, a creative rhythm section and – a welcome bonus – even an Arabic taste.
Bacamarte were born in 1974, but their sole record
was released ten years later.
The musicians’ performance is excellent and the band’s intricated plots and multiple interplays are simply stunning. There’s a scent of PFM and a taste of Yes, but also a vague and pleasant Southern colour, adding life and sun to the music. Last but not least, this track is a living testimony of the surprising and persistent worldwide diffusion of prog rock.

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