Friday 17 January 2014

World without A Heart (The Flower Kings, 2001)

The Flower Kings like long and intricated epics, so that you won't find in their discography many traditionally written songs, but this is the case with the gentle song "World without A Heart", taken from the album "The Rainmaker". Of course, this is a Flower Kings' track, meaning that arrangements, sounds and architecture aren't so plain as they seem to be in the first place.

I like this dark artwork very much.

So, there are verse and chorus, but also an instrumental bridge full of original solutions; there's a catchy melody (especially in the chorus), but each minute of this song features clever interplays involving all the instruments and the vocal harmonies enhance Roine Stolt's mighty performance.A ballad, yes, but a prog one, with a beautiful atmosphere and a rich range of instruments and a good balance between acoustic and electric sounds. And the epics? Next time, my friends, let me enjoy this relaxing song once more...

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