Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sudden Winter (Verbal Delirium, 2013)

I didn't know this Greek prog rock band, and when I discovered them, thanks to George Eleftheriou, a real progmaster (thank you, George!) I was immediately taken by this sombre, slow track, coming from the second album of Verbal Delirium, titled "From The Small Hours of Weakness". Nostalgy and somewhat nocturnal, this song conjures up a suspended world reminiscent of both Nordic and Mediterranean atmospheres.

I'll follow these guys. Definitely.

Modern post-prog waves mix with Old symphonic winds, something like VDDG meet Paatos (with a bonus early King Crimson whiff) and the final result is simply disarming. Jargon's voice is sad and sensual and his keyboards fill the space around you with shrouds of gloom and sweetness and when Nikitas Kissonas's mandolin comes in the magic is complete.

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