Wednesday 1 June 2016

Lying Here (New Trolls, 1972)

In 1972, New Trolls released  a double album - the first Italian rock double LP - featuring this suite on the last side. It's a brave, uncompromising and moving piece of prog, still standing as one of the band's best works. The choral intro, the flute passages, the Church organ chords, the heavy rock riffs, the jazzy variations, the psych hallucinations... everything you'll listen here will add a further touch to this rich and unpredictable track. All the main inspiration sources that make up a progressive sound are in "Lying Here" and no one seems to rule the game.

No doubt, one of the best Italian prog rock albums ever.

On the contrary, each mood, each genre, each note opens a different  window on the same, beautiful and wild garden. I really can't single out my favourite sections, as this song has the force and the unity of water and can be a gentle stream or a power waterfall exploiting the same element. Even the fake audience effects play their own role in such a nanifold scheme, so... enjoy!

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